Scrap the SSAF

The National Union of Students are at it again.

Using your money to fund their radical agenda. When the SSAF was brought back in by Labor and the Greens in 2011 it had a provision in the legislation that your student taxes were NOT to be used by student unions for political purposes.The NUS have been defrauding the system, charging up to $90,000 in affiliation fees from each University Student Union to ensure your student money can go towards their political campaigns.

This money (funded out of students taxes) is selectively used to sponsor protests and actions against the Coalition. Like the Abbott’s Heaven, your Hell which scare mongered against Tony Abbott’s views on women.


NUS are now using your money to combat its response against the Governments University deregulation agenda. University deregulation and reform is a good thing and should be embraced. Backwards minded leftists are destroying our campus culture with radical protests around the country.

These violent leftists do not represent your average student, students money is being used to fund placards, banners, posters and salaries so that these extreme students can protest around the country.

Sign our petition, join your Liberal Club and contact your local Member of Parliament to let them know that this is not okay.

The NUS should not be able to use students money this way. Students want a return to Voluntary Student Unionism.

The last Labor government slugged students with a $263 a year tax in the name of student services and representation. This tax keeps and increasing every year, reaching up to $271 in 2013, and $281 in 2014.

In 2005, the Coalition government lifted a huge financial burden on students by making student union membership voluntary, empowering students to choose which services matter to them. The benefits have been enormous, with students saving up to $600 per year.

This choice has forced student unions to provide better services – the ones popular with real students – not student union leaders.

The student tax removes this choice, forcing students to pay for services they may not want or be able to afford.

The Labor student’s tax removes the incentive for student unions to provide the services real students demand.

The Labor student tax increases student debt – the last thing they need amidst the financial crisis.

Join the fight against Labor’s student tax – because it’s about students, not student unions.